Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephanie

1st Grade - Feb. 1975
Stephanie is my oldest grand-child. I wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday, tomorrow the 4th. Cheryl, her mother and my oldest daughter made me a grandma for the first time when I was a young thirty-seven years old. It was one of the most exciting moments of mine and Cyde's life! Especially when I found out she was a girl. Back in 1968, they didn't do the ultra sounds they do now days to let you know if you were having a girl or a boy. So she was a definate "She" surprise! I have loved you for 41 years and I'll keep loving you forever. You are probably celebrating your birthday right now over there in China. I hope you get spoiled by all your new friends and all the students that you teach. Happy Birthday Stephanie! I Love You! Grandma Spencer


Sioux said...

Happy Birthday, Steph! Hope you are having a Chinese New Year celebration {of sorts}!

whitey said...

You know you are news worthy when you get mom to post about it how long ago has it been since her last one?? Have a great one Steph.

Nettie said...

January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephanie! We thought about you and figured you celebrated your 'day' a lot sooner than this post, but Grandma wanted you to know she was thinking about you. Afterall, you were her first as well.

mom of five daughters said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie
I just want you to know that I love you and I have been thinking of you. I am so proud of you and all the things you have accomplished with your life.
Love mom